ROCKY 40th Anniversary Topps Trading Card Set

In 2016, Topps released a “ROCKY 40th Anniversary” box set.

Let’s open it and take a look!

It comes with 330 different cards, no doubles. Sadly, my box doesn’t have any of the limited Sylvester Stallone autograph cards.

Here’s a sample of some of the cards:

One small gripe I have, is that each card doesn’t have a unique back description. Every card from each movie has the same back.

Another gripe is that there’s three cards labeled for the wrong film. For example, the scene of him jump-roping with the “Win Rocky, Win” shirt is of course from ROCKY II, but the card labels it as being from the first movie. But, oh well. Not a huge deal.

Love this set!

Hopefully, Topps will make something like this for the three CREED movies.

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