STAR WARS Creature Cantina Action Playset (1979)

It may seem a bit simple by today’s standards with that cardboard backdrop, but this set has a lot of retro charm that makes for a super fun display piece. It also has closing doors and action levers that allow you to swivel figures and knock them over. Let’s check it out!

Of course, there’s no droids allowed, so sadly, two of our favorites have to wait outside with a Dewback.

Dr. Evazan is conspicuously absent from this scene with Obi-Wan, but the character wouldn’t be made into a figure until 1997 and for this post I only want to use figures that were available when this set first came out. And the print on the cardboard was as close as we got to Cantina Band figures until 1997 as well. Another character who’s begging to be here is the bartender, but we wouldn’t get him until 2000.

Thanks for joining me on today’s visit to this wretched hive of scum and villainy!

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