“Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe” by Ann Cannon

Welcome back to toydust.com where we talk books, toys, and writing! And arrrrgggghhhhh, today be Talk Like A Pirate Day. In honor of the day, let's discuss PIRATE PETE AND PIRATE JOE, an early-reader series written by Ann Cannon and illustrated by Elwood H. Smith. These books were released 2002 through 2006 by Penguin, under … Continue reading “Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe” by Ann Cannon

Star Wars Vintage Toy Guide by Mark Bellomo

Welcome back! Toydust here. Today's topic: This guide, published by Krause Publications in 2014, is packed with information and pictures. Some figures are shown with their vintage packaging, as is the case with the original Leia figure, but most, sadly are not. Still, this is a fantastic guide that shows variations, all the accessories, and … Continue reading Star Wars Vintage Toy Guide by Mark Bellomo


Superman debuted eighty years ago in Action Comics #1 back in 1938, and last April Action Comics #1000 was released. Pretty impressive. I mean, how often does a comic book series hit the 1,000 mark? 80 x 12 is 960 so there must have been times when the series put out more than one issue … Continue reading Superman

Children’s Writer’s & Illustrators Market

Would you like to become a children's book author or illustrator? If so, you should be aware of this guide: The cover does a good job selling it. It gives you the following information about publishers and magazines: *which publishers are open to submissions without agent representation (and those who are not) *submission guidelines *what … Continue reading Children’s Writer’s & Illustrators Market