Super7 Prince John Figure (2022)

Last year, SUPER7 released their first "Disney Ultimates" wave which included Pinocchio, Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey, and Prince John. Prince John is my all-time favorite Disney character, so I am beyond excited to have this in my collection. It's highly detailed with interchangeable heads and hands for different expressions and poses and is recommended for ages … Continue reading Super7 Prince John Figure (2022)

Live-Action Lion King Set Photo!?

Toydust here. We interrupt our usual posts about books, toys, and writing to bring you this report. News-Finder Bob claims Jon Favreau invited him to the set of the live-action┬áLion King. While there, he was allowed to take a picture of Claw Johnson (the lion hired to play Mufasa) after filming the (SPOILER ALERT) fall-off-the-cliff … Continue reading Live-Action Lion King Set Photo!?