Super7 Prince John Figure (2022)

Last year, SUPER7 released their first “Disney Ultimates” wave which included Pinocchio, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, and Prince John.

Prince John is my all-time favorite Disney character, so I am beyond excited to have this in my collection.

It’s highly detailed with interchangeable heads and hands for different expressions and poses and is recommended for ages 15 and up – an adult collectible, not intended for kids.

The box comes with a gold slipcase with a window underneath for those who want to keep it in the box but still see the figure.

Here’s what we get.

The happy expression:

The neutral expression. We don’t get an angry face so this one will have to do for when he’s upset at Sir Hiss.

The dopey expression with the crown over his eyes – love that Super7 included this – too funny!

I also love that some of the hand variations have rings with no jewels, having been taken, of course, by Robin Hood and Little John.

The soft goods robe is fantastic.

I absolutely love this figure!

If Super7 could have included three more heads, I would have wanted the following. First, one that could have him sucking his thumb.

Second, his classic angry expression.

And third, his shocked face, which is a total crack up!

I love the two versions of Sir Hiss that we get, and if we could have had one more, I would have gone for the tipsy one emerging from a barrel of ale.

But I absolutely love this figure as it is – one of my new all-time favorites!

Hopefully Super7 will make the rest of the Disney ROBIN HOOD gang at some point. Fingers crossed!

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