Hello picture book fans, here’s a new one to be aware of.

THE FOG CATCHER’S DAUGHTER by Marianne McShane. Illustrated by Alan Marks and published by Candlewick Press a month or two ago.

Marianne McShane lives in Ireland and enjoys creating fairy tales set in her homeland.

The outstanding art sweeps you into the story right away, the two-page spreads having a cinematic feel.

Our main character is Eily.

She faces her fears by traveling to an island to protect her dad from dangerous fairies.

It’s ambiguous whether the fairies in the story are real or a superstitious belief held by the characters, which adds to the fun of the adventure.

Over 1,300 words, THE FOG CATCHER’S DAUGHTER goes against the current trend of picture books being light on text.

I love this high word count because I miss picture books like BARTHOLOMEW AND THE OOBLECK that have a longer story.

I understand the thought that picture books should be in the 0-to-500-word range. After all, some kids have short attention spans, and parents often want a quick read for bedtime. This is valid and there should be many light-text options for kids and parents to choose from. However, this doesn’t mean that ALL picture books have to be under 500 words, as some believe.

Anyway, what do you think of these illustrations? Is Alan Marks due for some Caldecott attention or what?

The storytelling, art, and super-likable Eily make THE FOG CATCHER’S DAUGHTER an excellent reading experience. Ask your local book shop for a copy today.

ToyDust out!

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