A Problem with R.E.D. Transformer Figures

A couple posts ago, I wrote about the R.E.D. Coronation Starscream figure, giving it lots of praise.

I hadn’t planned on getting more from the R.E.D. line, but when a new R.E.D. Shockwave become available on Hasbro Pulse, it looked so cool that I couldn’t resist.

A spectacular figure, and I found it looked even cooler when displayed with R.E.D. Starscream.

I went back to Hasbro Pulse for more, realizing that a group of these R.E.D. figures on display together would look pretty great. Sadly, they were sold out of Optimus Prime, but I was able to order Megatron, Soundwave, and Bumblebee.

And then I waited with anticipation, imagining how cool it would be to see these characters set up together on a shelf.

Oh, yes.

Soon they arrived. Like Starscream and Shockwave, they had fantastic sculpts, looking like the characters in the original ’80s cartoon.

But there’s a problem.

Though each looks great on its own, when they’re together it doesn’t look right to anyone familiar with Transformers. The Megatron figure is a bit scrawny compared to Starscream, which definitely is not the case in the cartoons. And the Bumblebee figure is way too tall.

The Starscream figure is about six inches, and if we use that height as a reference, Megatron should be about seven inches and Bumblebee should be around three inches.

Come on, Hasbro! What if a line of Star Wars figures gave Yoda the same height as Darth Vader? That’s pretty much what happened here.

Still, they’re cool figures with good articulation and accessories. But they would have looked super great together if they had been more in scale to each other.


Rant over.

ToyDust out.

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