Jabba Henchmen 4-Pack (2023)

Tying into the 40th anniversary of RETURN OF THE JEDI, Hasbro Pulse released an exclusive set of four figures that are sure to make any fan of Jabba the Hutt happy. Let’s check out the box before tearing it open!

Here they are out of the box, but still in their individual packaging.

Tessek (previously known as Squid Head) and Ree-Yees have both had releases with various sculpts over the years, dating back to 1983.

But this is the first time ever that Velken Tezeri and Taym Dren-garen have achieved official action figure status.

Tessek and Ree-Yees have quite a few appearances in Jabba’s Palace and inside the Sail Barge, and with their distinctive facial features they are easily remembered. But if you don’t recognize the other two, Tezeri was a guard on the skiff that carried prisoners Luke, Han and Chewie, and Dren-garen is the guy who shot Luke’s robot hand.

Exceptional figures!

This set is currently (and exclusively) available on Hasbro Pulse. Stock up on your Jabba goons now before they sell out!

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