Journey FREEDOM Tour 2023

Journey released their 15th studio album, FREEDOM, on July 8, 2022. It was the first one they put out in 11 years, and the third one with lead singer Arnel Pineda.

At this time, there are three official members of the band. Guitarist Neal Schon is the only one who has been with the band since the beginning in 1973.

Jonathan Cain has been their keyboard player since 1980.

And Arnel Pineda has been the lead vocalist since 2007, sounding dead on like Steve Perry.

For bass and drums, it looks like they currently have various “hired gun” musicians to help them out with recording and touring. For example, Randy Jackson of AMERICAN IDOL fame played bass on the FREEDOM album and Todd Jensen played bass on the FREEDOM tour, but neither are officially in the band.

Earlier this year, Journey toured to support their new FREEDOM album, and it was also a 50th anniversary tour. I was able to go, and it was an amazing experience. They sounded off-the-charts good and rocked nonstop hits for two hours.

(The opening act was Tito, and of course they have their share of hits as well and sounded terrific.)

Here are some pictures I took of Journey live on stage.

While playing ESCAPE, they had a cool animation sequence going on screen featuring the ship from the ESCAPE album cover.

At the show’s conclusion, the entire stadium erupted with confetti!

And of course I had to pick up some shirts.

If you get a chance to catch a Journey show, don’t miss out!

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