GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 3 Marvel Legends Series Action Figures (2023)

On May 5, Marvel Studios and Disney released the third GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY film. (Well, really May 4, counting the “preview” screenings.)

To commemorate the occasion, Hasbro dropped an 8-figure set in their “Marvel Legends Series” line of 6-inch scale figures.

And I’m going to throw my Howard the Duck figure into this post even though it isn’t part of the set, because he always has a cameo in the GUARDIANS films, so it just feels right to include him here.

Here’s the box spine art. Very nice.

If you buy six of the figures in the set, you’ll be able to assemble a Cosmo figure.

Here’s the back of the boxes.

So, let’s open them and do some quick set-ups!

Excellent face sculpts, well articulated – a great set of figures to a fun movie!

There’s only one problem.

Where’s Gamora?

Come on, Hasbro! No set of GUARDIANS figures is complete without Gamora! Even if she is the alternate universe character, we still need her in this collection.

Hopefully, Hasbro will make this right soon.

Thanks for reading!

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