Haslab Razor Crest (2022)

I love the memory of that amazing day last year when the Haslab Razor Crests arrived. I also remember taking these pictures and thinking I’d do a post in a few days, but here we are over a year later. Time gets away!

This was the second Haslab project I supported, the first being Jabba’s Sail Barge.

A stunning box!

The pictures on the box do a great job showing some of the features of this incredible vehicle, including a removable knob on one of the control sticks – the one Grogu kept taking in the show. You have to admire Hasbro’s attention to detail on this!

Let’s take a look inside!

As seen below, it comes with three exclusive figures: The Mandalorian in a bag and Grogu and a Jawa on card.

Here’s a better look at the carded figures.

The regular store-released Jawa compared to the Razor Crest exclusive:

The store-released Grogu compared to the Razor Crest one:

And notice the Razor Crest exclusive Mandalorian figure comes with a soft-goods cape instead of the plastic cape of the basic store release.

It comes with four captives in carbonite that can be hung from the ship ceiling…

…and a ton of gear.

It makes for an impressive display!

Removable side panels and lowering ramps give it a wide range of playability.

There’s lots of room in the cockpit, and the soft-goods cape on the Mandalorian figure allows it to sit down at the controls.

“Grogu, stop drinking out of that!” (Gotta love the first ever toy of a STAR WARS toilet.)

Hasbro hit a homerun with this one!

A removable panel on top allows an escape pod to fly away.

An extremely claustrophobic escape pod, but hey, it might save your life.

It also comes with a stand, and with the landing legs removed, it can be displayed as if in flight.

Such a great one!

In closing, here’s a MANDALORIAN display I made with the Razor Crest box at the center.

Thanks for reading!

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