Classified Series Serpentor and Air Chariot

In 2020, Hasbro began producing six-inch G.I. Joe figures called the Classified Series, and the Cobra Emperor, Serpentor, has just been added to the line.

I preordered this off Hasbro Pulse a month or two ago and it finally arrived, so let’s check it out.

As you can see, it has very cool packaging with exceptional art.

The scene with him sitting on the Lincoln Memorial is right out of the 1986 cartoon episode “Arise Serpentor, Arise Part 5,” and the part with him cauterizing a wound with the red-hot sword is from Marvel’s G.I. Joe #50, also from 1986. I love that the packaging art references both the classic cartoon and the comic. Great job, Hasbro!

To open, we first slide the box out of the sleeve.

Then the box opens into a nice display where we see the figure, accessories, and more fantastic art of the Air Chariot.

So, let’s open this up!

Little assembly is needed, and soon Serpentor is geared up and ready to rule!


Most figures in the Classified Series are around six inches, but Serpentor towers over them at seven inches. I love that Hasbro did this, giving the Cobra Emperor a look of dominance.

And no post about Serpentor would be complete without his famous catchphrase, so let me end with…


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    1. Agreed! The Dr. Mindbender box also has the doors. Hopefully they’ll do some more like this for other characters.

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