Mr. T vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper Action Figure 2-pack

Mr. T and Rowdy Roddy Piper faced each other in a 1986 “boxing” match. It’s fun to watch, though it looks staged.

The two had a long running feud that was perhaps more for entertainment than real.

Last year, the famous match was given toy status by Mattel’s WWE Elite Collection.

And these figures are just begging to be released from the box, so let’s get to it.

They come with interchangeable hands in case you want them to brawl without gloves. They also have cloth robes that are nice quality with lots of detail.

Highly poseable, and the facial expressions are great – perfect for some fighting set-ups.

At about six and a half inches, they are roughly the size of the JAKKS Pacific Rocky figures.

A fun set of figures, the Mr. T/Piper two-pack is a must have for all boxing fans.

ToyDust out!

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