1977 Topps Star Wars Cards


It’s been over two years since I’ve been in the blogging world. I wanted more time to spend on my novels, so I stepped away from it for a while.

But now I’m feeling it again.

Let’s begin this new round of posts with a look at the oldest Star Wars item I have.

Christmas 2019, my brother gave me a pack of Star Wars cards from 1977 that had never been opened.

The clear outer packaging had since been added by collectible shops to protect the original wrapper.

But protecting the wrapper was the last thing I had in mind, because I wanted to open this!

I removed the protective packaging, and held the cards, still in the original unopened wrapper, and had some doubts. Did I really want to do this? Original Star Wars Topps cards (and gum!) that had been undisturbed for 42 years.

Here’s the back:

Look at that!

Kenner advertising that they’d have SW merch out, “coming this Fall.”

That means these cards were likely produced in the spring or summer, and considering STAR WARS came out on May 25, this series from Topps had to be among some of the earliest SW merch out there.

So again, did I really want to open this?

Well, yes.

Anyone want some 42-year-old gum?

Thanks again for the cards, bro. Had a blast opening them with you!

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