First Close-Up Photos of Pluto’s Hidden 6th Moon?!

We interrupt our usual posts about books, toys, and writing to bring you this report.

Ace reporter, News-Finder Bob, reports he was granted access to a secret space mission in which a 6th moon of Pluto was discovered. Here are some exclusive photos of the strange alien landscape, riddled with massive canyons.



So far no life has been detected.

The end.


To congratulate News-Finder Bob on this exclusive news story, I decided to make him a coffee cake.


And there was a striking resemblance between said coffee cake and the so-called moon pictures NEWS-FINDER BOB had sent me.

When confronted with this condemning piece of evidence, NEWS-FINDER BOB confessed.

He had actually never been in space, and there is no hidden 6th moon orbiting Pluto. Unless, of course, it’s hidden.

I should have know better than to believe such a far-fetched story.

Here’s what actually happened:

NEWS-FINDER BOB had traveled into the future and took pictures of the coffee cake that I would make him, and then traveled back to the present, though as I write this, I suppose it’s the past, where he gave me these pictures and claimed they were close-ups of Pluto’s hidden 6th moon.

I am grieved that a phony news story was posted on my blog.

NEWS-FINDER BOB has been disciplined. Severely.

Toydust out.

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