Ranking the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Movies #13

Yesterday I began a list, ranking the ten Star Wars (live action/theatrically released in the U.S.) and four Indiana Jones movies, starting at the bottom with my least favorite #14.

Today we talk about my second-to-least-favorite, #13.



Though it’s low on the list, there’s still a lot that I enjoy from it. I saw it twice in the theater and bought the Target exclusive Blu-ray with the booklet.


Positive comments first.

Mark Hamill back as Luke!


Though I wish his story had been different (more on that later), it’s still fantastic to see more Luke.


There are some pretty great space battle sequences, and you gotta love Kylo’s new tie-fighter which is reminiscent of the Tie Interceptor from RETURN OF THE JEDI.




I love seeing more of Hux and Phasma. And I know it was a sore spot for some, but I like all the comedy with General Hux.


And speaking of comedy, there were quite a few fun gags throughout the film.

Rey is an outstanding protagonist (and I’m okay with her parents not being people we know).


The Force connection scenes between Rey and Kylo were suspenseful.


It’s great to see Yoda again!


I loved Kylo Ren turning on Snoke. And I don’t really care that we didn’t get a back story on Snoke. Kylo Ren is a much more interesting villain.

And that dueling sequence with Snoke’s guards – wow!


Some good action and visuals on the salt planet Crait.


And Luke’s Force-projection trick was pretty cool.


So with all this Star Wars goodness, why am I ranking THE LAST JEDI so low?

Because Luke dies in an anticlimactic way before we get to see him in any super great Force-wielding, lightsaber-slashing action sequences. It’s impossible to watch this movie without getting that hollow feeling of regret, thinking about what could have been.

Also, the casino/master code-breaker/free-those-dumb-creatures side plot was very boring and took up a good chunk of the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Finn – he was such a great character in THE FORCE AWAKENS. But the script didn’t give him anything worthwhile to do this time around. And I like Rose too, but again, the script didn’t give her anything meaningful to do. This entire subplot was not just boring – it also had zero impact on the outcome of the story.

Then there’s Vice Admiral Holdo.

“Yes Poe, I do have a plan.”

That’s all she had to say to avoid this:


So the Poe mutiny subplot was also pretty pointless. Why didn’t she tell Poe she had a plan? Nobody knows.

I also don’t like the idea of a Force ghost being able to call down lightning strikes. That contradicts Obi-Wan’s statement in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK about not being able to interfere with Luke and Vader’s upcoming conflict. What’s stopping Force ghosts from showing up in any situation and striking the bad guys down with lightning then?


Perhaps the lightning and fire was just a Force vision that Yoda put into Luke’s mind for a teaching moment?

And this:


Come on!

Destroying the classic Skywalker lightsaber?

Not cool.

And I’m still not sure what to think about this moment:


On the one hand, I’m totally good with Leia having a hidden Force ability that instinctively springs into action to save her. On the other hand, surviving in, and propelling through outer space seems pretty far out even for the Force. The Force is an energy shield created by all living things. Is there enough life in this setting for the Force to be there in enough abundance to use it like that? (Wow, that was a really nerdy question.)

So THE LAST JEDI is a mixed bag for me. A lot to complain about, but a lot to enjoy as well.

Grade: C

What are your thoughts on THE LAST JEDI? Was I too harsh? Not harsh enough?


#13 The Last Jedi

#14 Attack of the Clones


We will return on Monday with my choice for #12



6 thoughts on “Ranking the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Movies #13

  1. Yeh I feel like the first half of the movie was kind of hard to swallow but the second half felt more like a star wars movie. I only watched it once. As to your nerdy question, no, there is not enough life for her to fly through outer space. Also, if that was an option with the force, why haven’t jedis been flying through space superman style all this time? Not a fan of that moment at all.

    I was sad that Rey did not have known parents. I felt like the force awakens introduced all of these plot possibilities that were all quite interesting and then this movie just killed every single one of them. But i love her. Shes the best.

    1. Yes, Rey is one of my favorite SW characters. I wonder if JJ Abrams will give more info on her parents in Episode 9.

  2. I totally disagree with your regret of Luke dying the way he did. I felt it was a powerful way for him to go, after his exertion to save Leia and group.
    I totally AGREE that the entire sub-plot could have been avoided if Poe had simply been told that there was a plan, in fact, not a bad plan even, which was crushed because of code-breaker’s betrayal.
    The sub-plot was weird.
    Leia being saved in space was cool, but I respect your questioning in that regard. As a mom, I have to give her extra Force-points solely because of the love she has for her son. Still, it’s a stretch. Still, I like it.
    I have a really difficult time with this movie being #13. Lower than IJ#4? Really?
    There you go.

    1. I guess it’s not so much the way Luke died that bothers me. I just don’t like that he died before we got to see him really throw down in some great new lightsaber action sequences. That’s totally okay to question my choice about putting LAST JEDI below INDY 4, but INDY 4 didn’t kill off Luke, so that’s something it has going for it – hahaha!

    1. I love the characters as well. Rey is one of my all-time favorites. But I went into it expecting to see Luke in some super amazing lightsaber-dueling action sequences, and yeah… Every time I watch it, the disappointment I felt while seeing it for the first time comes back. 🙁 There’s still a lot of good stuff in it, though!

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