Children’s Writer’s & Illustrators Market

Would you like to become a children’s book author or illustrator?

If so, you should be aware of this guide:


The cover does a good job selling it.


It gives you the following information about publishers and magazines:

*which publishers are open to submissions without agent representation (and those who are not)

*submission guidelines

*what genres they are interested in

*payment terms

*various tips

Of course you should check with the publisher’s website before submitting, as submission guidelines may have changed after the most recent guide has been printed. However, this is a great place to make a list of all the publishers that would be a possible fit for your story.

There is a section for:

*book publishers


*agents and art reps

*conferences and workshops

*contests, awards, and grants

all dealing specifically with writing and illustrating for kids and teens.

There are also articles about various writing tips and query letter writing.

The 2019 edition is now in stock at It should be available at other retailers in the next month or so.

There are other Writer’s Market guides for those who write for adults, but I only get this one because I mostly write for kids.

Have fun with your writing!

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