Cobra Commander 1983 Action Figure

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The original Cobra Commander action figure! Well, not quite. The true original from 1982 has a slightly different Cobra logo and doesn’t have the swivel arms that this one has. Mine is an updated 1983 rerelease of the 1982 original.

Feast your eyes on one of the most iconic figures of all time:



Cobra Commander first appeared in Marvel’s  G.I. Joe #1, written by Larry Hama in 1982.


The commander was not available in stores at first. As you can see from this ad in G.I. Joe #1, you had to send away for it by mail when the figure was first released.


There have been many variations of Cobra Commander’s “mirror-mug” outfit over the years, and here’s one of them.


But it all began with the good old original figure from ’82.

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