Kenner’s Speeder Bike (1983)

One of the most exciting sequences from RETURN OF THE JEDI is the Speeder Bike chase.

I have a memory, prior to JEDI’s release, of sitting in a theater with my family, watching ads, waiting for a show to begin. I don’t remember what movie we were there for.

(Checking a list of films that were released in the months leading up to JEDI at, I suspect we were there for the ’83 re-release of Disney’s THE SWORD IN THE STONE. It came out two months before JEDI and I definitely remember seeing it in the theater when I was a kid.)

I sat there enduring ads for upcoming movies I couldn’t have cared less about, and suddenly the RETURN OF THE JEDI trailer exploded onto the screen, obliterating my mind. Dozens of moments flashed so quickly I was unable to take it all in, but a glimpse of Speeder Bikes racing through a forest stayed with me. I called them “space motorcycles” until I came across the proper term – probably from a Kenner ad.

From then on, the Speeder Bike has been one of my favorite SW vehicles and Kenner did an outstanding job bringing it off the screen and into our action figure adventures.

Here it is, out of the box, and let’s check out the instruction sheet.

What a beauty!

There’s a push-button feature that explodes the bike into three pieces which greatly adds to the play value. And when it explodes, IT EXPLODES, the seat-piece popping high, the figure sailing off, headed for a crash.

For being so small and low-cost, Kenner’s Speeder Bike added more than its fair share of fun and excitement to any play session.

And it looks great on display!

2 thoughts on “Kenner’s Speeder Bike (1983)

  1. Yes! Cool pics, Toydust. Agree, the Speederbike is such an awesome vehicle in its detailing plus the exploding feature! I have the European Bi-logo version in my collection, complete and boxed, and will always treasure it. I think I paid around 30 USD for it around 2009. Now they go for upwards of 100 USD.
    Next to the X-Wing and Landspeeder (because I had these two as a kid), the Speederbike is my favourite SW vehicle.
    My Speederbike and Scout pic:

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the pics! Congrats on having the bi-logo version in your collection – so cool! Those are excellent choices for your top three vintage SW vehicles. I think my top five are the ATAT, ATST, Speeder Bike, TIE Interceptor, and Shuttle. (I’m not sure if I can narrow it down to a top 3 – haha) Also, thanks for the link – awesome picture!

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