Knight Rider Playmobil Set 2022

The Knight Rider television series began in 1982, and Playmobil honored the 40th anniversary with this.

Let’s open it!

As you can see, the instruction book is filled with all kinds of cool.

Time to put it together!

And with 2 triple-A batteries we get KITT’s voice and the red flashing light.

Playmobil hit this one out of the park!

Take a shadowy flight into a dangerous world of a Playmobil set that does not exist.

Or does it?

2 thoughts on “Knight Rider Playmobil Set 2022

  1. Oh my, that is so cool and I’d love to get one, alongside the ECTO 1 and A-Team van (Mystery Machine wishlist ticked for me luckily).
    I didn’t realise it came with battery-operated KITT voice and lights – a sweet additon. I agree with you Playmo hit this one out of the park, plus they made a sweet job of the inner packaging as well as the outside. Thanks for sharing the pics!

    1. Thank you, VTA! I’m glad you like the pictures! And by the way, I loved your Playmobil Mystery Machine post from a few weeks back. Great stuff!

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