Coronation Starscream Figure

Hasbro has a line of six-inch Transformer figures called R.E.D. (Robot Enhanced Design). These figures don’t transform into vehicles, making it possible for Hasbro to give us a more accurate portrayal of the robot modes as seen in the cartoons.

While some collectors feel there’s no point to a Transformer figure that can’t transform, others are excited to have cartoon-accurate figures of the robot modes.

I got my first one a few weeks ago, opting for CORONATION STARSCREAM, taken directly from that famous scene in TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE.

Pretty cool packaging with the illustration on front and pictures of the figure on back, showing off the articulation and accessories.

So, let’s open this up!

Love the soft-goods cape, blaster fire that attaches to the laser guns, and removable crown!

And the face sculpt is dead on, nailing Starscream’s smirk. I can almost hear Chris Latta’s voice that was featured on the classic cartoon as I look at this thing.

Here we are, all set up and looking fantastic. Despite not being able to transform, I think the R.E.D. line is a fun option for fans who want a more cartoon-accurate figure of the robot modes.

ToyDust out!

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