2020 Smuggler’s Run Millennium Falcon by Hasbro


This is my favorite Hasbro offering from last year.

Based on the Disneyland ride, it comes with figures of Chewie and Hondo, along with several porgs.

As you see on the box art, it also comes with two radar dishes, so you can switch between the original trilogy look and the way it is in the Disney era.

The boarding ramp opens on it’s own with the touch of a button.

There’s even an escape pod that shoots out the side.

Enough of the box art, let’s open this and take a look.

There’s not much assembly, but it does take some time to apply all the decals. Once finished, this is a super impressive addition to anyone’s collection.

And it’s huge.

For a sense of scale, here it is next to Kenner’s nice-sized original 1978 Falcon.

It’s high time for some figure set-ups, so let’s get to it! (Using 1970s figures here.) And yes, the “space chess” table lights up.

In the original ’78 Falcon, there’s seats for two figures in the cockpit. But here, we have room for two more seats in the back, more accurate to what we see in the films.

For the next shots, I’m switching to modern figures.

So many bells and whistles on this thing!

Shooting missile launchers, lights all over, ship engine and weapon sounds, and dialogue from the films.

Even lights in the cockpit! (’83 Nien Nunb and ’85 Lando)

There’s also two places where the floor can be removed for a place to hide. (2015 Finn and 2019 Rey)

Underneath, we have a firing missile launcher, a laser turret, and several landing legs.

And wow, looking at the above picture, I see I haven’t cleaned that shelf for a while.

Ah, well. They don’t call me Toy Dust for nothing.

Thanks for reading!

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