2020 Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset

Let’s take a look at Hasbro’s Carbon-Freezing Chamber set. The release coincided with the 40 year anniversary of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

Here’s the box art.

Very nice!

In the above picture it’s seen that if you purchase two of these sets you can make the whole chamber floor. The set received criticism for having to buy two if you wanted a more complete environment.

Here’s some set-ups I made. Because the box art features modern SW figures, I used originals from the ’70s and ’80s to switch things up.

A lever moves the frozen Han block up and down.

For the next shots, I switched to some modern Luke and Darth figures.

Here, I placed the set in front of the window to make the staircase light up.

Despite being only half the set (unless you buy two), and despite being a bit wobbly, Hasbro’s new Carbon-Freezing Chamber makes for a fun environment to recreate iconic scenes from EMPIRE.

Also, it comes with a Stormtrooper figure. The figure itself is available for individual sale, however the figure packaging you see here, with the picture of the trooper in the Carbon-Freeze room is exclusive to this set.

Thanks for reading!

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