“Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe” by Ann Cannon

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And arrrrgggghhhhh, today be Talk Like A Pirate Day.


In honor of the day, let’s discuss PIRATE PETE AND PIRATE JOE, an early-reader series written by Ann Cannon and illustrated by Elwood H. Smith. These books were released 2002 through 2006 by Penguin, under the Puffin and Viking imprints.


In addition to the titles pictured above, there is also LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL WITH PIRATE PETE AND PIRATE JOE, but I can’t find my copy of it. It’s probably lost it in a classroom library.


The stories and illustrations are very fun and perfect for any early reader who loves pirates!


According to the back cover, these stories are intended for ages 6 to 9, but of course with so many kids learning to read before kindergarten, this may be a good fit for ages 4 and 5, depending on the kid.


So if you have a kid in the right reading range who loves pirates, be sure to look these up!

Here I am with PIRATE PETE AND PIRATE JOE author Ann Cannon at the Writing and Illustrating For Young Readers conference in June 2018.


ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH! Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, everyone!


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