Mystic Portal Opens in Sky Above Redwood City, CA??!!

We pause from our regular posts about books, toys, and writing to give you an urgent newsflash.

My associate, News-Finder Bob, has reported the opening of a mystic portal in the sky above Redwood City, California.


News-Finder Bob further reports he was sucked through the portal and landed in a mystic land.


In the mystic land, he met a mystic stranger…


…who enlightened his mind.

News-Finder Bob says he’s not sure how he returned to Earth, but just found himself back all of the sudden.

Residents of Redwood City should watch out for this portal. We warn that if you go through it you should pack a lunch as News-Finder Bob reports he saw no snack bars in the mystic land. Much to his dismay.

The end.

UPDATE: Since writing this article, it has come to our attention that News-Finder Bob was lying.

The pictures he took are actually of the Pulgas Water Temple. It looks like a cool place, so plan a visit soon!



Also, the picture News-Finder Bob took of the “mystic stranger” turns out to be an image from Disney’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” A must-have for your Blu-ray collection!


We apologize for posting another inaccurate news story. News-Finder Bob has been disciplined. Severely.

This is Toydust, signing off!

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