Vintage Collection Boba Fett Ship

Hasbro released a new version of this iconic ship a few years back. The date on the instruction book says 2020, but I remember it coming out in ’21. It could be I’m remembering wrong, or perhaps the materials were printed the year prior to its actual release. Regardless, this is the best version I’ve seen. It’s larger than previous designs and looks better than ever.

It’s currently available with a BOOK OF BOBA FETT themed box, but when it first came out it was marketed as an EMPIRE STRIKES BACK vehicle, which is the one I have. Speaking of, let’s take a look at the box.

Let’s open it!

There’s enough room to put three figures in the cockpit. Very nice!

And there’s even some standing room in the back.

A ramp leads up to a storage area where you can put the ship’s escape pod…

…or frozen Han.

It comes with a stand that allows to you to display the ship as if in flight.

I have to give Hasbro props for this one. Lots of interior room for figures, looks amazing on display, and features firing missiles and dropping bombs, giving it some good play value.

An outstanding addition to anyone’s STAR WARS collection!

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