NEVER THAT FAR and MESSENGER by Carol Lynch Williams

Life after death.

A topic that has haunted our imagination for centuries.

Think of all the books and shows that deal with ghosts and where we go next.

There’s a lot, but here are two of my favorites, both written by the great Carol Lynch Williams:

NEVER THAT FAR (Shadow Mountain, 2018): After her grandfather passes away, twelve-year-old Libby discovers she has “the Sight” – a gift that enables her to see family members who have died. The spirit of her grandfather visits her, letting her know that there’s something hidden at a lake – something that will help her and her family, if she can find it.

MESSENGER (Simon & Schuster, 2016): Fifteen-year-old Evie can see dead people, but this special gift creeps her out. She must decide if she will develop this gift to help others or attempt to ignore this ability in order to have a normal life. It’s eerie, suspenseful, and fast-paced, but also has a lot of humor.

The main character in both books have a similar gift, but the stories are very different.

NEVER THAT FAR is middle-grade while MESSENGER is YA.

These are not your typical dime-a-dozen ghost stories. Nobody writes characters more real and with more heart and soul than Carol Lynch Williams. As Halloween approaches, if you’re looking for outstanding paranormal reading experiences, filled with emotion and literary excellence, these books are for you!

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