The Star Wars publishing event of the year has arrived!


Timothy Zahn returns with an all new tale about the fan-favorite character he created, Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Hasbro made a fantastic 6-inch figure of Thrawn last year, by the way.)


THRAWN ALLIANCES is currently 30% off at Barnes & Noble, and if you have a B&N membership like yours truly, it’s 40% off.

I bought it at Barnes today, and including tax it came to $18.85. Not bad, considering the cover price is $29. So don’t order it at a certain online retailer – go out and support your local B&N!

The B&N exclusive edition also comes with a removable two-sided mini-poster.

It’s surprising that Padme Amidala is on the poster because at this point in the timeline she has already passed away. This probably means the book will contain some flashbacks.

This is Zahn’s 12th Star Wars novel, and yes, I have them all.


If you were disappointed that Leia, Luke and Han didn’t have much time together in the new movies, you might want to give Zahn’s novels a try. Especially the first three: HEIR TO THE EMPIRE, DARK FORCE RISING, and THE LAST COMMAND. These books make up what is known as the “Thrawn Trilogy” and give our classic SW characters a much better return than the Disney films.

Meeting Timothy Zahn in 2013 during the STAR WARS: SCOUNDRELS book tour:



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